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Dr. Chris Holder

"Dr. Chris"

Dr. Tracy Kusik

"Dr. Tracy" 

Hi, I'm also a 1994 graduate of UW-Madison.  I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 6 years old, and was accepted to veterinary school at age 19 after only 2 years of undergraduate study.  Veterinary medicine has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember!  After practicing in Wausau & Hortonville, I started my own practice in Wrightstown in 1997.  I sold that practice in 2010 in order to spend more time with our daughter, & to pursue my other veterinary interests including working here in Oconto!

Some of my main interests include kitties.  Cats are masters at hiding pain and illness, so all too often I don't get to see them until they are very ill.  Come meet me, and we can discuss the top three diseases of cats, and what "FORLs" have to do with pain in your cat's mouth!

Another focus I have is on surgical care, including repair of knees (cruciates and patellar luxations) and mass removals, including those that may be cancerous.  While many people think that 'cancer' means there is nothing to be done, I'll discuss with you the options for chemotherapy and how pets often handle these 2 scary "c" words much better than we do.   I'd also like to talk with you about spays and neuters, and how these "routine" surgeries can have an impact on your pet's future health.  You aren't shopping for a new pair of shoes, and you should not base your pet's surgery on cost alone.

Finally, my thoughts on your dog or cat's annual visit to the veterinarian; it is not just about vaccines!  While choosing the correct vaccines for your pet's lifestyle IS important, this visit is about you and the relationship between you and your pet.  Is something with your pet's health or behavior bothering you?  Is the problem the itching, really stinky breath, poor coat, or weight gain or loss you see with your pet?  Are there behavior issues that bother you? We will discuss your pet questions! In addition, I LOVE to run bloodwork on your pet as part of their annual visit.  This one simple thing goes a long way to giving us the key to keeping your pet as healthy and happy as possible, and to find problems BEFORE they are an issue.  Let's talk about what WE can do TOGETHER for your pet.

Come meet us and see how we deliver on our goal of quality care.  I look forward to meeting you, and your pets!                              



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